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Vision, Mission, and Purpose

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Vision, Mission, and Purpose


Provide a learning environment that is conducive to behavioral change and character building.


Facilitate early intervention strategies for social and behavioral development that will help prepare children and parents in becoming healthier, wholesome families and productive citizens within the community.


Enhance children's intellectual ability, creativity, and social behavior, and build character that results in academic excellence and productive citizenship.

General Nature of Our Organization:

The Youth Enrichment and Deliverance Center, Inc. (YEDC) is a unique, non-traditional center based on deliverance for disadvantaged children and their parents. Deliverance is a comprehensive restorative program of health, mind, body and emotional state. It is embodied in two projects to ensure children will be empowered to become complete and productive people. The two projects are a set of courses and activities designed to create a desire for excellence and would have an impact for the entire life of the participant. The projects start from infancy and continue through 18 years of age.

The impact of this program will positively bring about high academic achievement, behavioral change and character development. This is accomplished through a learning and nurturing environment that is conducive to impacting an insatiable desire for learning, encouraging moral and ethical behavior for children of all cultures and national origin. Additionally, the program will afford children the advantage to develop despite unfavorable circumstances by interaction with successful program graduates.

The two projects YEDC have implemented are the Parents Helping Parents Children Center (PHPCC) and the Enrichment and Restoration Center (ERC):

1.) PHPCC consists of a parent/guardian volunteer partnership support system based on mutual aid and assistance with raising their children from infancy up to pre-K school enrollment. As partners parents/guardians work together to provide a nurturing and learning environment for their children. This project is designed to allow parents/guardians to attend classes, while parents in the center provide care for their children under the supervision of qualified staff at PHPCC. Parents/guardians are required to match volunteer hours working in the center that equals the number of class hours spent in their academic pursuits.

2.) ERC project is an After School Program with a wide variety of training, hands on classes, and activities for children. All classes and activities are designed to promote socialization skills, intellectual growth, and behavioral change while connecting learning and skills to augment both school curriculum and daily life. ERC provides children with support to adequately prepare them to increase their grade point average in school and better equip them to pursue their academic interests.

This project will also help children conceptualize the importance of acquiring education as a change agent to economic status. Children will gain confidence and demonstrate a constructive attitude toward learning and developing life skills. Participants will also demonstrate problem definition and problem solving skills, independent functionality, sound decision-making, and display a value system that contributes to personal growth and community well being.


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