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Lila's Story

Lila is a 38-year-old great grandmother who struggles each day. She shares her small one bedroom apartment with her daughter, age 24. Her 13 years old granddaughter sleeps on a pull out sofa next to a borrowed bassinet that holds her 2-month-old great grandchild. They need the unique help the Youth Enrichment and Deliverance Center, Inc. (YEDC) is designed to give. The YEDC is a non-traditional center for disadvantaged children and their parents of all cultures and national origins. The centers focus is on complete deliverance of the family from the addicting syndromes and destructive life patterns that result in cycles of poverty, poor health and increased school drop rates for at risk children. Deliverance is restoration of the mind, body and emotions, and works to the very heart of the entire being to give hope and practical means as to how to live a more fruitful life.


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